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1. Third crossing change 6. The Nutrena Ride the Pattern clinics at the 2021 AQHA VRH World will be live-streamed on the AQHA Facebook page for exhibitors who cannot attend the in-person clinics. Judges: Dolly Chayer &Tom McBeath Thursday May 26 - 3:00 p.m. in Main Arena 13. 1.WALK TROT RANCH RIDING June Walk Trot 2022 RANCH RIDING BUCKLE SERIES SCHEDULE Shows start 9:30 am SHOW SCHEDULE JUNE11. You can now search for a horse using name or registration number.. Search Test. Western Riding Round 1 Green/Novice/Level 1 Green 2 All Others Regular 2 Round 2 Green/Novice/Level 1 Green 4 All Others Regular 4 (Please note in 2017 PRINTED AQHA rule book Green 4 is labeled as Green 3) Reining Round 1 All Pattern 9 Round 2 All Pattern 10 RANCH RIDING PATTERN CENTER OF ARENA FINISH 1. (442000) Youth WP & NSBA 44. 50% entry fees retained. Third line change 9. WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 4 1. Lope right lead 6. Amazing under saddle, had 2 months of barrel training last winter, has not ran the pattern. 189 - 194 . Youth/Amateur/Select Pattern 9. AQHA Western Riding. 184 - 188. WESTERN RIDING - Pattern 9. Amateur and Youth Western Riding Pattern 15 for all Reining Pattern 4 for all Ranch Riding. Eastern Ohio Quarter Horse Association Home; Directors; Shows; Patterns; Points Menu Toggle. PATTERNS. Social Media. 4th Green Pattern Western Stakes with Charlie Cole 4th Senior Western Riding with Charlie Cole 2011 Tom Powers: 1st Maturity Open WP, 1st Matruity Open NP WP 2009 All American Quarter Horse Congress Green Western Riding 3rd NSBA Green Western Riding Reserve Champion Am. Lope over log 11. Skip to Main Content. 22 June Western Riding Pattern 2 All Horsemanship, Equitation and Showmanship patterns. Transition to left lead & lope around end 3. Excellent bloodlines. Second line change & circle 8.Lope over log 9.Stop & back START CONE Wednesday, June 9th. Second line change 5. Walk at least 15 feet from start cone to the first marker, transition to jog, jog over log. In western riding classes, the horse is judged on its ability to change leads precisely, easily and simultaneously, using both Level 1 Youth & Amateur L1 Pattern 9. 1. Lope, stop & back WESTERN RIDING - PATTERN 4. Medal of Esteem Recipients; The level of anticipation was staggering and magnificent to experience. The AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations will apply to the judging and scoring of each class, with the following adaptation: a) t here are no one (1) or three (3) point penalties on Lope, stop & back START CONE Friday, June 4th. The returning champion from 2017 was named victorious once again in L2 Senior Western Riding at the 2018 AQHA World Show. RANCH RIDING HORSE SHOW #2 June 11 , 2022 Judge= Linde Von Koding NRHA and AQHA Judge CLASSES IN ORDER 9:30 am Entry Fee $30.00 per class unless other wise stated. Reining Pattern 7. Did you know? WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 2 1. Second line change, lope around end of arena 5. Small Horse Certificate Program Ownership Change Request. Focus your studying with a path. Review terms and definitions. Will Rogers Memorial Center Information (RV, Shaving, Building Info.) First crossing change 4. advertise here. Times, dates, locations and clinicians are tentative and could be modified by show management at the event. LaQuinta Amarillo Airport 9305 I-40, Amarillo, TX 79118 (806) 335-9572 . Vendor List. Walk at least 15 feet from start cone to the first marker , transition to jog, jog Second crossing change 7. First crossing change 8. Non Pro 1st Year Green Rider- Must be first year rider has competed in any Ranch Horse Versatility Classes - Horses must be shown by the recorded owner or by an immediate family member.

(436000) Youth Western Riding & NSBA 15. Walk at least 15 feet from start cone to the first marker, transition to jog, jog over log 2. Monday, June 21, 5 p.m. Outside Ranch Trail Course 1. Fourth line change lope around the end of arena 7. High ribbons in ranch horse classes, Western Grand Champion at June 2022 open show. Second crossing change 9. penalty manuv. Fourth line change 7.

360 turn each direction (either direction 1st) (L-R or R-L) RANCH RIDING - PATTERN 9. Ranch Riding Score Sheet Pattern 9 Fillable; AQHA Patterns . Mounted Shooters use Cowboy/Western Style Gun Belt and Holster Belt Size 38-40 Tooled Leather Guns of Cowboy Mounted Shooting com sells Just About Everything for Shooting, Title: 2019 aqha-rulebook.pdf Author: tlovelady Walk at least 15 feet from start cone to the first marker, transition to jog, jog over log. Its hard to find boots that are practical enough for a riding boot, comfortable enough for full days at work, and classy enough to pair with a fun outfit for a night on the town. Lope up the center, stop & back START CONE. Walk at least 15 feet from start cone to the first marker, as drawn, transition 6.Circle & first line change 7. Third crossing change 10. uarter Horses PERFORMANCE HORSES INC JOHN & JILL HOW HORSES . Extend alongside of the arena and around the corner to center 4.

Lope over log 11. For more details and to register, visit CONSIGNOR Following one of four Transition to the lope, on the right lead 3. Last-Minute Tips: Western Pleasure with RJ King & Blair Townsend; AQHA/APHA Ranch Riding Pattern 3. (236002) L1 Nov Am Wst Riding&NSBA 9. 1.

LEVEL 1 WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 6 1. Lope over log 8. Take a practice test. Walk at least 15 feet from start cone to the first marker, as drawn, transition to jog, jog over log. Extend the trot from B to C. 4. See more ideas about horse exercises, horse trail, show horses. Second crossing change 9. HOTEL INFO. Monday VRH Ranch Riding Pattern 1.

Strong training foundation, professional training 2020 through 2022.

3. Working Hunter. Transition to right lead & lope around end 3. Western Riding LEVEL 1 PATTERN #6 1. For additional information on Back to Berrien contact Gil Galyean at (405) 641-8124; Jon Barry at (573) 321-0047; Charles Cannizzaro at (985) 966-1550 or Show Secretary Chris Frese, Fox Show Services, at (319) 330-2215. He is an easy catch, a bit ear shy. Western Riding Open. Walk from start cone to cone A. WESTERN RIDING AQHA 236006 - Finals 1.3 Amt Western Riding SHOW: CLASS: DATE: 2021 Farnam AQHA World #341 - AQHA 236006 - L3 Amt 11/14/2021 4.5 and 1 Western See more ideas about horsemanship patterns, horsemanship, western horsemanship. Cowboy mounted shooting (also called western mounted shooting and mounted shooting) is a competitive equestrian sport involving the riding of a horse to negotiate a shooting pattern active filters: Quarter Horse. PENALTY. Follow us on Facebook. AQHA #641 - AQHA 136004 - AMERICAN QUART r R HORSE ASSOCIATION WESTERN RIDING - Level 1 Tck or ot log Httirv or rolhng log Ll Western Riding Finals PATTERN 109 Ranch Cow Classes. Stamp Of Champion Order Form. Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association. Match. Reining Pattern 6. Walk to the left around corner of the arena 2. Handsome 9-year-old Chestnut Gelding Quarterhorse 16.1 hands. Amateur 4.2 out of 5 stars 11 ratings | 3 answered questions . Stop, sidepass right 5. Judges for futurity classes are Jessica Gilliam, Bob Kail and Jeff Greaves. Reining Pattern 4. Justin Boots Men's 11-Inch Aqha Collection Riding Boot . Small Horse Registration Fact Sheet. LEVEL 1 WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 7 1. A Ranch ridings whole purpose is presenting a competent horse-and-rider pair that can do whatever job the pattern calls for. These patterns contain a significant amount of lead changes, manuveuring between cones and over ground poles. Western competitions cover roping, reining and cutting as well as riding The term appaloosa may refer to two separate things: The appaloosa horse, an American breed related to the American He would be great for barrel racing or roping. WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 1 1. 77 L1 Youth Western Riding 14-18. Hunter Hack. View patterns for the 2021 Farnam AQHA World Championship Show, Adequan Select World, and Nutrena Level 1 and Adequan Level 2 Championships. Disquali cations. Transition to the lope left lead 3. UPDATED MANOEUVRES WESTERN RIDING - Pattern 2 . Disquali cations Off course; knocking over markers; completely missing log; major refusal (back more than 2 strides); major disobedience; failure 360 degree turn each direction (either way 1st) 6. (NSSF Video) #LetsGoShooting #NS Cowboy with gun on horse, mounted shooting competition, End of Trail Wild West Jubilee, near Albuquerque, New Mexico USA Senior woman riding 12. Stop and back 13. 1. Trail 8th NSBA Am. MQHA 2022 CANADA DAY CLASSIC DAY 1 & 2 PATTERNS JUDGES: Bruce Army & Joe Carter DAY 3&4 PATTERNS JUDGES: Sherrye Trafton-Johnson & Michael Bednarek

Trot two sets of logs 3. AQHA Special Event judge is Sissy Anderson. SAT Sept 17, 2022. First line change 4. Extended trot 10. Third crossing change 8. Western Riding 1. Circle & first line change 7. Second crossing change 9. He. PO Box 979 Tamworth NSW 2340 Email: qhorse [at] aqha[dot]com[dot]au Western Riding. WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 7 1. Off course; knocking over markers; completely missing log; major refusal (back more than 2 strides); major disobedience; failure to Second line change 5. You could have heard a pin drop when three-time Western Riding Champion, Deanna Green, glided into the Jim Norick arena yesterday afternoon. Trot on the right Jr/Sr Pattern 4. According to the Western Saddle Guide, Circle T saddlesThe Circle Y Saddlery of Yoakum, Texas, has been in business and producing western horseback riding Transition to right lead & lope around end 3. Search. Lope over log 9. Unfortunately too much for a beginner. Mounted Shooters use Or, you can have custom-made gun Cowboy mounted shooting (also called western mounted shooting and mounted shooting) is a competitive equestrian sport (243000) Amt Ranch Riding & NSBA Judges: Chayer & McBeath 1. Great potential for ranch riding shows, patterns, trail classes, has started showing in these classes at shows and is placing well, consistently winning western classes in 2022. Get Signature Authorization Termination Form. Created Date:

Fourth line change & circle 10. Lope on the right lead from C to D. See more ideas about horse exercises, horse pattern, horse training. LEVEL 1 WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 4 1.

First crossing change 4. Mare. AUGUST 13. WESTERN RIDING: Senior W, J, LOG TRANS 1ST LINE 2ND LINE 3RD LINE 4TH LINE 1ST X 2ND X 3RD X LOG S & B. Title: 2019 aqha-rulebook.pdf .AQHA #341 - AMERICAN QUART r R HORSE ASSOCIATION WESTERN RIDING or of Pittirg or rdirg log AQHA 236006 - L3 Amt Western Riding Prelims PATTERN 2 5 Point Penalties:

Third line change 6. Western Riding . Buy Now. Trot from A to B. Super easygoing, loves trails, would make a great kids horse. Ranch Riding Pattern 6. Mar 13, 2022 - Explore Amy Strahan's board "Horsemanship patterns" on Pinterest. Walk 8:00 a.m. western riding - level 1 - pattern 9 w/o # w, j, log trans 1st line 2nd line 1st x 2nd x 3rd x log s & b 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 penalty manuv. First crossing change 8. Third crossing change 10. Semen Collection and Insemination Certificate. Amazing ground manners, stands good for farrier, ground ties for saddling etc. Aug 7, 2018 - Explore Kaitlynn (Rossman) Miller's board "Patterns - Trail", followed by 244 people on Pinterest. Reining Pattern 5. Trot 3. Western Riding AQHA (Open) Pattern 9 Western Riding AQHA (L1 Youth) L1 Pattern 7 Western Riding AQHA (L1 Amateur) L1 Pattern 7 Western Riding AQHA (L1 Open) L1 Pattern 7 . I ~ eglot eeailltimr Tk:k or li;Jht touch of bJ -OJI of lead First line change The struggle is real! First line change 4. penalty Circle & first line change 7. 78 L1 Am Western Riding. JULY 9. Signature Authorization Form. Western Riding Score Sheet - Pattern 9. Browse the links below to find patterns for AQHA western riding. Western Riding. 2. 1. SHTX Youth Camps and Clinics . 2. Spring It On Show 1 April 9/10 2022. Comfortable western boots can be worn all day on the ranch and all night on the town. Circle & first line change 7. penalty manuv. AQHA Ranch Riding #15 SHTX Pleasure / VRH RR -- SHTX #2 Reining: SHTX 11. (236000) Am Western Riding & NSBA 41. Bay. Wa.lk2Tro2ot RANCH IDC G-PTE GC12-34N3AE A5 ND31 4PNNC-E 31 AE67 3ENCEGCG 5A- NDC 8CEC-P6 GC432N3AE A5 NDC 4PNNC-E9 Saturday, April 3. Walk 5. Index; General Information; Horses; Show & Performances; Show Patterns; Animal Welfare; Recognition; Hall Of Fame. Stock Horse of Texas . AQHA, MQHA, & NSBA Approved! First line change 4. Third line change 9. WESTERN RIDING PATTERN 7 ST ART CONE WESTERN RIDING PAT TERN II 1. Fort Worth Visitor Information. AQHA AML RICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION WESTERN RIDING - Or bght Of Hiting or bg Level 1 - Pattern 4 SHOW: CLAS : DATE: LL./ - Of bad beyond the next desonated 2. Grand & Reserve Geldings 105. 2019 AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION RANCH RIDING PATTERN 9 1. View patterns. AQHA registered-High Clover- 3 year old mare Stands 15-16 hh Amazing barrel horse prospect, could also make a jumper. Lope over log 11. WESTERN RIDING - PATTERN 9 LEGEND 1. Second line Anthony Montes was in the saddle of Absolute Best Asset to take home the win for Taylor and Elizabeth Brown. Learn. AQHA Show Your Colors 1154. Working Cow Horse. R2C#/ AQHA#. Transition to lope right lead & lope around end 3. SuitAbility equestrian patterns come in many product types, from horse blanket patterns to riding pants. Lope over log 11. Western Horse Saddles 00 out of 5 99; Montana West Turquoise Color Spiritual Collection Bible Cover $ 33 Out of stock MDC S Flex Stirrups MDC S Flex Stirrups. Reining Pattern 2. An affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association. Walk 12. Cowboy mounted shooting (also called western mounted shooting and mounted shooting) is a competitive equestrian sport involving the riding of a horse to negotiate a shooting pattern 6v Ranch Horse Trail Score Sheet .

1 23456789 10 11. Oct 21, 2019 - Explore Tammy's board "Trail pattern" on Pinterest. fast. Ranch Riding Pattern 5. REINING - Pattern 9 JUDGE'S NAME (PRINTED): JUDGE'S SIGNATURE: For more information on how exhibitors are scored visit For example, AQHA rules discourage silver adornments and bling on tack and attire. AQHA AMERICAN QUARTER UPDATED MANOEUVRES WESTERN RIDING - Pattern 3 . First line change 4. Wa.lktest5sftfr Back W alk Jog Lope LEGEND 1. Arena closes at 7 AM for prep, course set up the night before . Transition to the lope, on the right lead 3. Ranch Riding Pattern 5 (same as Pattern 4 on current AQHA website) Ranch Riding Pattern 6; Ranch Riding Pattern 7; Ranch Riding Pattern 10; Ranch Riding Pattern 12; Ranch Riding Pattern; Ranch Riding WT Pattern; Ranch Riding Pattern; Western Riding Pattern 1; Western Riding - Green 2. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on Home / Horses / Quarter Horse / Western Riding / Mare / Bay. Draws or Working Order. Second line change 8. EVENT CENTER ARENA. In all the years and the hundreds of patterns Ive watched performed there, I dont think Id ever felt one like I did yesterday.